The temprature was only 8 degrees celsius below zero this morning.
A great day to get the new antenna up.Took me about 2 hours,
to get it in place, easy install as usual with Mosley antennas.
First qso was with KB1H in Connecticut. Pictures will come later.

My new Mosley MP-33-N just arrived at my doorstep this evening at 21:55 🙂 .
But no antenna work yet, its too cold, have to wait until the weather is warmer.
Thanks to Melissa and the rest of the crew at Mosley for a superb service once again.
The picture below is taken from Mosleys website. It is not a picture of my antenna. I will upload
some pictures when my antenna is up.

PJ2 Curacao enity 517
PJ2/K2NV 15m CW.
PJ2T 20m CW.

PJ4 Bonaire enity 520
PJ4B 15M RTTY – 20M SSB.
PJ4D 17M SSB – 30M CW.

PJ5/PJ6 Saba & St Eustatius enity 519
PJ6A 10M CW – 12M SSB/CW – 17M CW – 15M RTTY – 20M CW.

PJ7 Sint Maarten enity 518
PJ7E 12M SSB – 15M CW – 17M CW/SSB – 20M CW/SSB – 30M RTTY.

Not too bad with 100 watts, 3Elm Mosley TA33JR and a Mosley WARC Vertical RV-3W.