These videos are made by Terry G4POP, and contains material about the free logprogram Log4OM Made by Daniele Pistollato – IW3HMH.Terrys videos are here: Here is some reviews: You can download this excellent software here:

I had some trouble to get my Acom 600S talking to my Icom 7610 and some other software packages. So I used a couple of days to sort out the problems. And here is my solution:

Setup Icom 7610, Acom 600S,Log4OM With Omni-Rig,Rigexpert TI-7 and Win4Icomsuite:

Icom 7610 setup
Go to:  Menu -> Set -> Connectors -> CI-V
CI-V Baud Rate 19200
CI-V Transceive ON
CI-V USB Unlink From Remote
CI-V USB Baud Rate 115200

USB port to use on the backside:
USB PORT [USB 1] (Type B).

Log4OM Omni-Rig
Baud Rate 19200
Shared CI-V comport with Win4Icomsuite (port 19 in my case)
Data bits 8
Parity None
Stop bit 1
DTR High
Poll Time, ms 1000
Timeout, ms 3000

Acom 600S
Interface TTL
Command Set 1
Baud Rate 19200
Byte Spacing,us 0
Polling Time, 500ms

Remember to install the USB drivers from Icom: USB drivers Icom 7610

Win4Icomsuite settings
Radio model IC-7610
Default address 98
Icom 7610 Comport 10 (in my case)
Baud Rate 115200

For this setup I use com0com to share CI-V comport via Win4icomsuite to Omni-Rig, The CIV-Comport in Rigexpert navigator is disabled, Only PTT and FSK is enabled, But I`m shure you can use a 3.5 mm splitter for the CI-V to work but I have not tested that. My homemade CI-V cable goes direct from my Acom 600S to 3.5 mm CI-V input on my Icom 7610.  If you use Omni-Rig you have to edit the the 7610.ini file. This file turns the parameter CI-V transceive OFF. This parameter must be ON. After editing all works just great.

I`m using homemade CI-V cable to a that goes from my Acom 600S to CI-V REMOTE CONTROL JACK [REMOTE] on my 7610,With this setup you can click on spots in Log4OM and in Win4Icom suite, And Icom 7610 and Acom 600S will change band/modes just fine. Also remember to use the correct comports and baud rate in your setup. I`m sure its room for improvements, But this setup works for me.

Here is how to make your own cable for 5 $ or less 🙂

If you need the edited Omni-Rig files you can download them here: Icom 7610 ini files

73s And good luck de LA9FFA Rolf

Just for fun I`m testing Win4Icomsuite RC2 and Log4om with my Icom 7610. It Works great. Win4Icomsuite is connected to the USB-CI-V port on my Icom 7610, And Log4om/Omnirig is connected via com0com in the 3rd Party SW/HW option in Win4Icomsuite. Both is synchronizing great with each other. Just one small problem, I need a third monitor 🙂 When released in may it will interface with, Log4om and other 3 party software, I`m using the RC2 for the moment.